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BackinMotion works to ensure that athletes of all levels have the highest quality of care both preventative and post recovery from the demands of their sport.

Colleen Carney, principal therapist and owner, has managed the soft tissue wellness of some of the best competitive athletes in sport. Here is what her work has meant to them.

Alex Meyer. 2012 Olympic Open Water Swimmer.“Colleen in the most skilled massage therapist I have ever worked with… I highly recommend her to anyone from the weekend warrior to the highly trained elite athlete.  I will be relying on Colleen to help me get to the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.”
— Alex Meyer, 2012 US Olympic open water swimmer

AFarag-133x133 “I had the pleasure to work with Colleen for three consecutive seasons (2011-2014). She helped me immensely throughout my college career. I do not think I would have made an entire season without her. Her work is just of the very highest quality. She is eminently qualified to execute massage assignments of various kinds due to her outstanding experience. She is a rare talent and so to be massaged by her was a great privilege. Knowing Colleen and her dedication for her work, it is without hesitation that I recommend her to anyone who wants to loosen up any type of muscle!”
— Ali Farag, Harvard Squash Captain, 2014

Nigel Koh, Havard Squash Team“Colleen has been instrumental to the success of the squash program here at Harvard. Colleen understands which parts of the body are worked in squash, and uses here experience to work on these areas that are vulnerable to injury. She’s effective and extremely good at what she does, and it is hard to describe in words how much she contributed towards our match preparation and match recovery! Thank you Colleen!”
— Nigel Koh, Harvard Squash Team, 2014

Tim Murphy. Head Swimming Coach, Penn State“My experience with Colleen’s work was very positive in a number of different ways. First and foremost, she knows how to handle top level collegiate athletes and give them the sport and therapeutic massage they need. She understands how to prepare the athlete for competition, but probably more importantly can provide the expertise in recovery in a single or multiple day event. Her ability to communicate to both the coach and athlete is trusted and appropriate. I highly recommend Colleen’s work and believe you will find her a pleasure to work with. Her expertise, professionalism, and personality are all excellent.
—Tim Murphy, Head Swimming Coach, Penn State, Former Head Men’s Swimming Coach, Harvard University, and 2012 US Olympic Open Water Swim Coach

Mohamed El Shorbagy. Professional Squash Player“Colleen’s massage is just perfect. She helps a lot with the recovery in between matches, which is very important for any professional athlete in different kind of sports. She has helped me a lot during TOC for my recovery in between matches, and I hope she will be able to be with us again especially at the big tournaments where we need her the most. Bought the Recovery Pump from Colleen after the TOC. Highly recommend it!”
—Mohamed El Shorbagy, Professional Squash Player

Nick Matthew. Professional Squash Player“Colleen’s massage is great, and her list of impressive clients in all sports tells the story of her ability. She really helps you recover between tough matches. And watch out for her elbows on those IT bands! [I] enjoyed using the Recovery Boots as well.”
—Nick Matthew, Pro Squash Player

Greg Gaultier. Professional Squash Player“Colleen [provided] the physiotherapy during the 2013 Tournament of Champions, and her work helped me a lot, even before the tournament started. I did quite a bit of traveling, and my body was quite tired and stiff. Her treatments everyday made my body feel much better and helped to prevent injuries as our sport is really intensified at a high level. Her services made a big difference. Hopefully she will be back at future tournaments to help all of us out.”
—Greg Gaultier, Professional Squash Player

Jason Michas. Harvard Squash Team“Colleen has been an integral part of the Harvard Varsity Squash program over the last 2 years, helping our players compete in their best physical condition for each match. Colleen is unique in the field of massage therapy—a real talent with a deep background in sport specific treatment for a variety of different sports. Colleen has an innate ability to identify causes of pain and immediately begin treatment on those affected areas to moderate symptoms and improve performance. Anytime spent with Colleen is well worth your while, and you will leave ready to compete at the highest level.
—Jason Michas, Harvard Squash Team Captain, 2013

Natasha Kingshott. Harvard Squash Team“Colleen was an integral part of the Harvard Women’s Squash team’s success in our 2013 National Championship-winning season. She treated each player’s specific needs so that we were in the best physical shape to compete in strenuous back-to-back matches. Colleen’s treatments not only alleviated chronic pain, but also prevented future injury. The Recovery Boots also proved to be a valuable resource. Colleen clearly understands the needs of a competitive athlete, and I highly recommend her expertise to anyone who pushes their body to the limit—whether in the competitive arena or recreationally.
—Natasha Kingshott, Harvard Squash Team, 2013

Laura Gemmell. Harvard Squash Team“Colleen is an absolute wonder. As one of the more injury prone players on the Harvard Women’s Squash Team, [I found] Colleen essential in loosening up my back and treating any other injuries that popped up. Her humor and quick wit made every session, however painful, more enjoyable. She’s simply a gem.”
—Laura Gemmell, Harvard Squash Team, 2013

Gregory Roop. Harvard Swimming and Diving “I had the pleasure of working with Colleen during the 2012-2013 swimming season while serving as captain of the Harvard swimming & diving team. Having swum competitively for 17 years, I got to work with several sports massage therapists, but Colleen’s knowledge and expertise is unparalleled. Colleen made a big difference in my performance, especially during grueling championship meets where I competed morning and evening for three days in a row and had no room for error. She knows what athletes need to rehabilitate and recover so that they can perform at their best. I highly recommend Colleen to any athlete who is trying to gain a competitive edge, no matter the sport or ability level.”
—Gregory Roop, Harvard Swimming & Diving, 2013

Michael Stanton. Harvard Swimming & Diving“I’ve had shoulder problems for years, but after a thirty minute massage, I was nearly pain free and had a personal best performance at the last meet of my career (2013).  I am grateful to have had Colleen as a massage therapist.”
—Michael Stanton, Harvard Swimming & Diving, 2013

Owen Wurzbacher. Harvard Swimming & Diving“I worked with Colleen throughout the 2012-2013 Harvard Men’s Varsity Swimming and Diving season. From my experience with her, I can assert with confidence that Colleen is an excellent professional. She is competent and knowledgeable about the world of physical therapy and aptly tailored her work to the needs of each individual team member. More importantly, she consistently conducts herself with class and integrity. It has been a pleasure working with her, and I recommend her with enthusiasm.”
—Owen Wurzbacher, Harvard Swimming & Diving, 2013

Heba El Torky. Professional Squash Player“I met Colleen at the Tournament of Champions 2013. When I arrived at the event, I was suffering from significant muscular issues; I truly didn’t feel I could play. I immediately went to see Colleen, and she worked aggressively and effectively to elevate my muscle tightness. If it wasn’t for her, I would not have played. Thank you, Colleen!”
—Heba El Torky, Professional Squash Player

Siobhan Finnicane. Former Pro Tennis Player“Colleen is a fantastic sports massage therapist. When I was home from traveling on the tennis tour, Colleen was the first person I called to help me recover from training workouts. She is extremely knowledgeable, and someone you want around to help you perform your best.”
—Siobhan Finicane, Former Pro Tennis Player

Ong Beng Hee. Professional Squash Player “Thank you, Colleen, for treating me during the Tournament of Champions in 2013. I really liked the RecoveryPump boots. My legs felt really fresh, and I was fully recovered after just one session! With the continuation of your treatment using your elbow, my stiffness and pains melted away.”
—Ong Beng Hee, Professional Squash Player

Hisham Ashour – Professional Squash Athlete and Coach “I have had lower back pain for a while and after getting ONE treatment, I just felt amazing. Prior to my treatment with Colleen, I felt my issue was getting really serious.  Now my back feels amazing. After ten days, I was back for a tune up, and I know it kept me going for at least two more weeks if not more.”

—Hisham Ashour, Professional Squash Athlete and Coach