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Entertainment Industry

Work in movies, television, theater or music?  Lead or supporting cast members, musicians or crew members are very essential to the continuing success of a performance or production.

Over the last five years Back in Motion has provided a full array of therapeutic preventative or rehab therapy and connecting these clients to other medical specialists (Chiropractors, Physical Therapist and Physicians) in the Greater Boston area, for the entertainment industry.  As with professional athletes, Back in Motion offers immediate on-site services to meet the needs and demands of the industries performers and crew.  As they say: “The show must go on!”  Most times with film and television clients, Back in Motion has signed a non-disclosure agreement keeping confidential, all information about the client, the performance or production.

Now-a-days actors, like athletes, have physically demanding roles to perform and even though they may train or be physically fit the repetitive demand can bring about many muscular/skeletal issues or injury. One actor that comes to mind is Jordan Dean. Jordan, was required for his lead role of Robin Hood in “The Heart of Robin Hood” at The American Repertory Theater (A.R.T) to do high wire/aerial work.  Jordan is a young fit talented actor but often the repetitive work takes a toll on the body more than routine fitness does.  After grueling rehearsal’s and a week of performances Jordan found himself having burning triceps pain.  Colleen of Back in Motion was hired by A.R.T. to work with Jordan several times per week during the running of the play.  Colleen also rented the Recovery Pump arm sleeves to A.R.T for Jordan to use daily before and after the show to reduce inflammation and pain. The combination of therapy modalities prevented further injury to Jordan and allowed “The Show to Go On”!

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Jordan Dean

“The recovery arms helped me immensely during this process because the show I’m currently in has a lot of aerial and rope work and it was a huge, huge help in my recovery and my maintenance throughout the whole process.  So, I highly recommend it.”

—Jordan Dean