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Professional athletes

With long and arduous seasons, professional athletes require dedication and customized care to maintain their overall wellness and performance.

Colleen Carney of BackinMotion has been the exclusive sports massage therapist for some of the most talented, high performance athletes in professional sports, including MVPs, World Champions, and Future Hall of Famers.

Her long standing relationships with these athletes is a testament to her exceptional skill and professionalism. Colleen’s policy is that she is always on call for professional athletes and that they take priority in her schedule.

“Their sport is their career. It’s that simple. Most of these athletes don’t have the luxury of longevity. I feel it is my job to keep them physically sound by being available at a moment’s notice. I also watch their games/tournaments to study biomechanically how their position of play and physical conformation lead to repetitive muscular issues. I share my insight with each professional to give them an outside perspective as to how they are using themselves.”

Although most professional teams have massage therapists on staff, practice, training and game days are excessively busy. Post-season championships are twice as demanding and critical to maintain soft tissue wellness.

Recovery time is limited, and therefore, not adequate to maintain the athlete’s full potential for performance. Athletes with a deficit of restorative treatment risk injury.

Most professional athletes find “in-home” preventative sports massage provides them with convenience and comfort. Appointments are a minimum of 2 hours. Colleen will travel to away games and competitions to maintain consistency of care.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, call us at 617-686-8515 or email us at

Eric Butorac“As a professional doubles tennis player with a demanding travel and competition schedule, I require regular therapeutic and sports massage to recover from the wear and tear of my sport. I have worked with many therapists around the world at tournaments, and no one has come close to helping me maintain my wellness like Colleen Carney of BackinMotion. I began working with Colleen in 2012 and although being on the road does not allow me to keep regular appointments, she is the first person I call when I return.”

—Eric Butorac, Former USTA Professional Doubles Tennis